In Honor of Earth Day

In Honor of Earth Day

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing this meditation in my class, The Artist’s Way.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

 The Leaf:  A Meditation on Transitions

By Joyce Rupp

You will need to find a leaf for this meditation.  It is best to find a green leaf or one that is still alive.  Be sure to show respect for all of life by asking permission of the leaf before you take it with you for meditation.  Find a quiet place where you can be alone.

 Find a leaf and hold it.

Notice everything about the leaf.  Touch it and feel its texture.

Look at it closely, the edges, shape, size, color, veins, holes, or flaws.

Smell the leaf.

If you feel comfortable, take a tiny bite of the leaf and notice the taste.

Picture the leaf on a tree or bush or plant, fully alive, green, and growing.

Now, lay the leaf aside.  Become still.  Breathe deeply in and out a few times.

Let yourself become the leaf.  See yourself on the tree, bush, or plant.

Notice your size, shape, etc.—all those things you noticed about the leaf.

Visualize yourself growing as the leaf:

You are the quiet womb of the bud in the midst of winter, frozen, ice and snow.

Be with the quietness…

You are in the stirrings of birth as spring pushes you out by the tree’s energy and the pull of the warm sun.  Be with this stirring…

You are in your summer growth, stretching outward, larger with ore room for the sun’s energy to penetrate and the rain to wash you.  Be with this growth…

You are now entering autumn, with less strength, cooler sun…finally the stem is too weak…you let go, twirl to the ground, lay there feeling dazed.  Be with this dying…

Let the rains of autumn come upon you…

Slowly you fall apart, become gradually blended with the earth…You become the rich humus…

Now you feel a seed fall into your soil…Surround the seed with your humus, your love…

Feel the spring rain, stirring…notice a tiny shoot coming from the seed…

See the shoot move up above the ground…with roots firmly planted in you…

Now it becomes a bud, then an open, lovely flower…

Enjoy the beauty of the flower that you have helped to birth…


After this meditation time, reflect on which season of life you are in now—which leaf is most like your current life situation?  Turn to the Holy One who journeys with you and give your heart in love and trust to this Holy One.

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