7 Ways of Thinking that Must Change

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7 Ways of Thinking That Must Change

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

— Albert Einstein, 1954

Lately, I’ve been both sad and angry with current thinking which seems to normalize viewpoints that, at least to my mind, are immoral, unethical, and even dangerous.  When I read Albert Einstein’s quote, I was inspired to capture some of these current attitudes, values, and behaviors, and suggest a different way of thinking.  I’d really like to start a dialogue around these ideas.

  1. Do you agree that this current viewpoint is more acceptable today than it was in the past? Do you believe it is acceptable thinking now?  Why or why not?
  2. Are there other alternatives to these viewpoints?
  3. What would you add to this list? What are other current viewpoints that you think we need to change in order for us to survive?  What is the alternative viewpoint?

Current Thinking

Alternative or New Way of Thinking

1.      The United States is the greatest nation on earth. Many of our greatest democratic freedoms are in peril.  We are no longer the greatest nation on earth and this is substantiated by surveys of health care, education, poverty, violence, and many other indices of quality of life.
2.     Gun law reform is a euphemism for taking away our right to bear arms. Sensible gun laws (registration, background checks, and outlawing guns not used in hunting) and mental health funding are critical.
3.     Health Care protection is fine the way it is.  The poor are protected by Medicaid. We must protect our pharmaceutical companies in order to stay safe. Health care is a right to all citizens.  Obamacare and other short-sighted attempts at reform have failed.  It is time to say and pay for “Medicare for all.”
4.     We must preserve our traditional way of living.  This means denying rights to immigrants, minorities, and women who seek an abortion. We are a nation of immigrants and it would be impossible to live the way we lived in the 1950s.  Immigrants are not responsible for the level of violence in this country.  We need immigrants to maintain our agribusiness and service industries.  Women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies.  We must support equal rights for everyone.
5.     Christians have the only true answer.  All other religions and activities are the work of Satan. Compassion, acceptance, and respect should be the norm for how we deal with others and their beliefs, not religion.
6.     Human beings are superior to animals and have the right to treat them in any way they please.  Humans have rights.  Animals don’t. Compassion, respect, and protection should guide all our dealings with all animals.
7.     Humans have dominion over the earth and nothing is more important than human material comfort.   Humans are not responsible for climate change. Climate change is real and the earth is feeling dramatic negative repercussions already.  We have a responsibility to use sustainable methods if we hope to survive as a species and as a planet.

 I fully recognize that many of my friends and readers will see these ideas as a progressive, liberal agenda.  That’s fine.  As I said, I really want to start a dialogue.  What would your list look like?   Can we have a dialogue that is based on facts, not feelings?


    1. Agreed. And very dangerous. Present Thinking: Truth is what people feel with no facts to support the viewpoint. Alternative Thinking: Support conclusions with facts. Ask questions to inquire into reasoning.


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