About Cindy

17796544_1384435311619739_5511418549262951586_nHi!  I am excited and honored that you are visiting my blog.  Let me share a little bit about me.  My husband, Jim, and I retired in 2014 to our little waterfront cottage in Ocean Pines, Maryland.  I love nature and I am thrilled at the daily drama unfolding in the water and grasslands behind our home.  You will hear more about  Granddaddy and Angel, our resident blue heron and white egret, as well as the ducks, geese, eagles, and gulls, plus much more. Jim loves the beach, which is only five miles from our house.  We are both sun-sensitive so our favorite time to walk along the shores of Assateague Island is in the evening.

Jim and I met six years ago, after both our spouses died of cancer.  When we met we discovered many, many things in common; including that both of our late spouses were named Chris!  I have one daughter, who is single and Jim has two daughters and one son, all single.  Currently,  we have one dog, a Welsh Terrier, named Chuck, who joined us after my dad died.  I’m keeping my eyes open to adopt another terrier to keep Chuck company.

My 35 year career ended when I left my university faculty position to move out of the D.C. area.  I am probably the first professor ever to get tenure and quit a week later!  In addition to teaching management and organization development courses, I was an executive coach and consultant.  During my career, I co-authored two books and numerous articles, mostly about coaching.   Jim left his own 35-year career in computers.  We were both more than ready for retirement!

Retirement has been a huge transition for us, probably because we were so achievement-oriented during our careers.  In addition, we haven’t had much time to ourselves over the first two years of our retirement because both of my parents and Jim’s mother passed away.  But now, we’re finally exhaling and thinking about our own lives.   That’s how “mindfulness” came into our consciousness.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I was already adapting a lot of the ideas and skills of mindfulness into my executive coaching practice.  Many managers are stressed out, angry, dissatisfied, or all three.  Mindfulness provided a wonderful way to engage my clients’ hearts, minds, and behaviors.  So, I am eager to see how mindfulness can be meaningful to Jim and me in retirement.

So, that’s me, Cindy.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Come join me as I journey into mindful retirement!