Mindful Writing

Photo:  Overboardsportfishing.com Mindful Writing “Instructions for living a life.  Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”  ― Mary Oliver I’ve wanted to write about writing for some time now.  Writing this blog and my daily Morning Pages have enhanced my life of mindful retirement in ways that are so significant that I just can’t put off […]

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Anything But Calm

Photo from Lynn DiGennaro Anything But Calm “It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously.”         -Oscar Wilde Yesterday’s excursion to the inlet was, upon reflection, hilarious.  I was sitting in the front seat of the Subaru watching Jim and Chuck, one of our two Welsh Terriers, […]

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Memories of Love and Loss

Memories of Love and Loss Today is my late husband’s birthday.  It’s impossible for me to capture my memories of this brilliant man and what’s it’s been like being without him for the last ten years.  Instead, I’m sharing the lyrics of a song that I love.  Enjoy! Diamonds & Rust Joan Baez Well I’ll […]

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The 2018 Women’s March: Making Women’s Rights Great Again!

Photo Used With Permission by Vivian Spathopoulos The 2018 Women’s March:  Making Women’s Rights Great Again! “Don’t Fashion Me Into A Maiden that Needs Saving From A Dragon.  I AM THE DRAGON.       And, I Will Eat You Whole.”   –A Little Girl’s Sign from the 2018 Women’s March “I’m not allowed to act like the President.” […]

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